Ten ways iOS 7 will make your iDevice better.

1. It’ll look better


With version 7 of its mobile operating system, Apple has given i0S a brand new look. It’s flatter, brighter and considerably more colourful  than before. But the new interface isn’t just pointless eye candy: the emphasis is on making i0S a better place to spend time
in, with interface elements disappearing when you don’t need them. The whole look is simpler and more logical than before, and as Apple puts it, “conspicuous ornamentation  has been stripped away.”


2. It’ll do things without asking

Many of the improvements in iOS 7 are under the hood, but you’ll notice the difference: the improved multitasking  learns what you like to do and gets on with common tasks. For example, if you tend to check a particular social network or newsreader first thing in the morning i0S 7 will download the latest stuff before you even launch the app. i0S also gets background updating of installed apps, saving you the hassle of performing  minor updates manually.


3. Safari is slicker

Safari gets a brand new look, a unified search/address field, iCloud keychain integration  for access  to passwords, Wi-Fi logins and even credit card details,  new ways of showing  tabs and a new bookmark system.  It gets parental  controls  too, which is a much­ needed  feature  for those of us whose iPads are family iPads: until now the choice was no internet or all internet,  without  the ability to filter what the kids can and can’t see.


4. Sharing  is effortless

Ifyou’ve got a fourth-gen  iPad or an iPad mini you can take advantage  of the new Airdrop feature,  which enables  you to share content  with other iOS users without  having to bump devices together or jump through  various software  hoops. It’s just a matter
of choosing  what you want to share and picking the person you want to share with; AirDrop then sends it wirelessly. You can set AirDrop to be contacts-only   or share with the whole world.


5. Photos are fantastic

Of all the iOS 7 apps, Camera is the one with the most dramatically  different interface:  it’s black, flat and very sparse.  You can swipe between  photo and video modes, capture  square  shots for Instagram-style photos, and once the image is captured  you’ll find a host of new filters  in among  the familiar editing tools. Ifyou decide later that you don’t really want the image to be in mono or look like an old Polaroid you can revert to the original capture.


6. It invents and remembers passwords

The new iCloud Keychain offers cloud-based synchronisation of bookmarks and passwords,  but it has two other tricks up its sleeve: it can remember  your credit card details  too (but not the security code – you still need to enter that bit yourself)  and it can generate new, complex  passwords  on your behalf, storing  them in the cloud and making them available  to any of your iCloud devices. The data’s encrypted  so you needn’t worry about villains getting hold of it.


7. 1t has its Moments

If you’re anything like us, your photostream is a giant block of images – and that means finding a particular  photo can be a pain. With iOS 7, your device uses the date and location of each photo to create Collections, Moments and Years.This means that if you’re on holiday, it’ll keep your holiday snaps in a separate Collection, with those snaps organised into specific Moments according to where they were taken. It’s quick, clever and genuinely useful.


8. Siri is smarter

Siri’s been smartened up, not just in the way it looks, but in the way it sounds and works. There are new voices – please, Apple, let UK users get a female voice this time – and more importantly it can now perform tasks such as switching  Bluetooth on and off, checking Twitter, looking up things in Wikipedia and getting search results from Bing. Search results and Tweets appear within Siri rather than launching Safari or Twitter to answer your questions.


9. It’s got  a radio

The new iTunes Radio is free to everyone, and if you’re an iTunes Match subscriber it’s ad-free too. Apple says it’s “radio reimagined”, which it isn’t really: it’s Apple’s take on Last.fm or Pandora, a streaming music service with pre-defined stations as well as personalised ones based on the tunes you listen to and/or buy from iTunes. It’s tied into Siri too, so you can say things such as “play more like this” or ask it to skip tracks.


10. You’re in control

Are you fed up with wading through endless folders and menus to turn on Airplane Mode, switch off Bluetooth or set an alarm? Say hello to Control Centre, which you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen. It gives you access to key settings, brightness, music, AirDrop and AirPlay. Notification  Center has been improved too, enabling you to see more useful information  without  unlocking your iPad.

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